Coeliac UK Awareness Week

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Coeliac Awareness Week Returns from May 12th – 18th this year, with this year’s focus bring the availability of gluten-free staple foods within UK supermarkets. Following on from last year’s successful focus on an early diagnosis for those with coeliac disease, Chief Executive Sarah Sleet hopes that this year will be equally successful.


“Availability of gluten free foods is one of our seven key drivers as a charity. For those without coeliac disease, imagine regularly going into supermarkets and being unable to find a loaf of bread or a packet of pasta. We hope that this year’s Awareness Week emphasises the frustration of a large section of society and stops those with the condition having to visit several supermarkets before completing their weekly shop.”

Sarah Sleet, Coeliac UK Chief Executive

Sarah Sleet, Coeliac UK Chief Executive


Those of you with special dietary requirements will hopefully have noticed a positive change over the past ten or so years in the range of food available in supermarkets, but Sarah believes more can be done in certain areas; “budget stores and local, smaller convenience generally don’t offer many of these core foods in gluten-free, meaning that those who are less mobile or on a tight budget may struggle for access to the food they need”.



Fundraising accounts for one third of the income of the Charity, and Coeliac UK’s Awareness Week is instrumental in getting attention for the difficulties faced by those with the condition and helps to attract funds to allow them continue to improve the lives of those with coeliac through continuous research and the raising of awareness.


“I have been constantly surprised and impressed by the level of involvement of the community of those affected by the condition”, says Sarah, “and we’ve been lucky enough to have Phil Vickery and Dr Chris Steele raise our profile on This Morning in recent years. The response to Awareness Week really helps us reach our short term aims of improving the daily lives of those with this condition, and hopefully to reach our longer term aim of eradicating coeliac disease altogether!”


There are many ways you can get involved in Coeliac Awareness Week from communicating with your local supermarket to taking part in a sponsored walk. To find out more and order your Coeliac Awareness Week pack, please visit