Mango & Lime Sorbet

Fresh, refreshing and few ingredients required, this will complement most desserts well.

Ingredients: 3 medium sized mangoes, 1 lime, 200g caster sugar, 250ml water

Preparation time 15 minutes; cooling time 6 hours.

1 – Finely grate the lime zest and add this and the juice of the lime to the water, along with the sugar.







2 – Over a low heat, cook the mixture until the sugar is fully dissolved. Leave this aside to cool down.

3 – Chop the mangoes finely and put these into a liquidiser with the now-cool syrup.







4 – Put the mixture in a shallow dish. Put this in the freezer and after a couple of hours take it out and mix with a fork, ensuring any crystals forming are broken up. Repeat this twice and leave in the freezer to set.

5 – If you so wish, drizzle a shot of your favourite tequila over the sorbet!