Monthly Archives: August 2014

Gluten-Free Pizza – Home Made!

              Having never experimented with making my own pizzas before, I didn’t expect much from my first foray. I was genuinely surprised, then, when in less than thirty minutes I had produced a doughy, unbiscuit like pizza with no strange aftertaste! The xantham gum holds the dough together well, […]

August 31

London Gluten Free Pizza: Stingray Café, Tufnell Park

Another balmy summer’s evening, another round of gluten free pizzas. This time it was the turn of Stingray Café in Tufnell Park, North London – an independently run Pizzeria that offers gluten-free starters, mains, desserts and – pleasingly – beer on its menu. We stepped off the North London high street into Stingray Café just before […]

Gluten Free Desserts: Apple & Blackberry Vanilla Crumble

  Whilst crumble is typically a winter pudding, with blackberries currently in season you have a great excuse to make this gluten-free twist of a British classic. The vanilla and nutmeg spice the crumble up delightfully and the blackberries add a tartness and lovely colour to the compote. For the vanilla crumble topping 250g gluten-free flour […]