Gluten-Free Macarons – Ganache Macaron’s Autumn Range

Ganache Macaron's Day of the Dead Piece

Ganache Macaron’s Day of the Dead Piece

We first came across the excellent Hackney-based Ganache Macaron at the summer Taste of London Festival a few months back. The brainchild of Audrey Cadostin, a Parisian who began bringing a taste of her hometown to London in 2011, they a focus on style and innovation and their offerings are entirely gluten-free without detracting from the quality of texture or flavour. Last week a lovely surprise landed on our desk in the form of their new Autumn range. With their second large bespoke project, an incredible Day of the Dead piece (featuring an edible human head sized skull macaron) put together with London-based designer Katherine Burke having wowed punters at Wahaca’s Covent Garden branch over the past few days, the Autumn range heralds the return of some old favourites while demonstrating further innovation.

Having recently returned from a trip to India, Intolerant London were particularly taken by the new Chai Macarons, while the Chocolate & Popping Candy Macarons were also impressive, giving off a surprising fizz when bitten into! Other new flavours include Banoffee and a Mexican Day of the Dead inspired Chocolate & Chilli while the popular Hazelnut and Caramel Popcorn flavours return to Ganache Macaron’s offering.

Ganache Macaron’s return to Taste of London for their Winter Festival from November 20-23 and their Autumn range can be purchased here and here  until the end of November. Prices are reasonable, with a box of ten available for £15 and, like the rest of their offering, the Autumn range is entirely gluten-free, with detailed allergen advice given on each product.