Free-From Fridays: Lickalix and their Gluten-Free & Lactose-Free Ice Lollies


 We noticed Lickalix at an opportune moment during the summer. At the Taste of London festival on a rare blazing hot day in the capital when seeking some shade and to cool down, we bumped into husband and wife duo Dominic & Karis Gesua, surrounded by customers looking to try their adventurous yet healthy ice lollies and take photos using the fun props and polaroid camera they had brought along with them. We caught up with Dom & Karis again recently and they had some exciting news for us.


Becoming disillusioned with the ratrace, Dom & Karis turned away from their successful city lives to focus on what they had long desired: to be their own bosses, and above that to focus on creating something they could be proud of. Noticing that despite the rise of healthy ice cream and frozen yoghurt made from organic ingredients, and despite the popularity of ethical and healthy lollies in North, Central and South America, a gap still existed in the UK market for such products. Dom and Karis had found their niche; kitchen space was rented from another free-from champion, Ganache Macaron, and Lickalix was formed.



With their desire to make their products as accessible as possible, Lickalix lollies are entirely gluten and dairy free, with fruit always the primary ingredient and making up at least 50% of the lolly. Coconut and rice milk are used in place of dairy products and don’t detract from the quality of flavour, whilst Lickalix have had good feedback from diabetics in particular for their low sugar content. They even offer creative alcoholic ‘poptails’ at events and festivals (if you get the chance check out the Strawberry Mojito flavour!) and are currently working on winter additions to their lolly range including peach and pumpkin flavours.

The Lickalix Ldies, Karis and  Hana

The Lickalix Ldies, Karis and Hana


Lickalix lollies are produced in Hackney, and originally selling at various festivals and markets including Taste of London, Street Feast and Secret Garden Party, they have managed to establish something of a base over the summer, now selling from various kiosks and venues across London. A full list of where you can buy your Lickalix Lollies can be seen here.

Aside from producing tasty and healthy lollies, Dom and Karis are passionate about making a positive contribution to the local area and all fruit waste goes to feeding pigs in East London farms.


 Get involved!

Lickalix aim to take over the UK with their delicious and healthy ice treats and the demand and niche is certainly there for them to realize this dream. Karis and Dom aren’t interested in selling out on the principles that got them to where they are now, however, and as they become able to employ more staff they will look to social enterprise and apprenticeship schemes to give a chance to youth, in much the same Jamie Oliver did with his Fifteen charity. The money men have worked out that to really take it to the next level, Lickalix needs £225,000 of investment, which will go towards having its own kitchen space, a machine that can deliver the high levels of demand they are experience, and marketing costs to establish Lickalix as a household name brand.

The good news for you is that you can own equity in the UK’s only company to produce ice lollies using fresh fruit through Crowd Cube investment. With enthusiastic, ethical and business-savvy owners and a great product which has already made quite a name for itself across the capital, Lickalix will surely continue to grow at an impressive rate and you have a great chance to be part of this. You can invest here, and you’ll have to be quick if you want to be a part of this great project – at the time of writing Lickalix are over halfway there with over 100 investments being made already.