Intolerant London, In The News: Coeliac & Gluten-free News Round-Up, 4/2/15


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Smith & Sinclair, the London-based cocktail confectioners are showcasing their unique gluten and dairy free alcoholic fruit pastilles at their pop-up stall in Old Street station up until Valentines Day. A fantastic opportunity to buy your sweet-toothed loved one a special free-from Valentines gift, Smith & Sinclair are selling each of their whiskey, rum and gin based treats at discounted prices.


Co-founder Melanie Goldsmith, who has been obsessed with sweets for longer than she can remember, aims to bring you “back to the joy of childhood discovery” through her unique treats, which also sell in Harrods and Selfridges amongst other outlets. Aimed at the playful amongst you, according to Melanie, “This isn’t your ‘lovey dovey’ offering, nothing will be heart shaped – but if these don’t get your pants down quickly I don’t know what will!”

Having tried the treats myself I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of ‘bite’ in the pastilles, and with each one containing a full shot of your favourite spirit, they are perfect for enjoying after a romantic meal for two…


In other news:

The Telegraph suggest we may have ‘got it wrong’ with gluten-free diets and that fodmaps (a type of carbohydrate present in many different types of food, including many gluten-containing products) may be the real cause of discomfort for those who believe they are gluten-intolerant. Incidentally, the excellent Fodmap Freedom blog explores this further.

The Independent reports on an American commercial that upset many for its mocking of those with gluten-allergies during the Superbowl.

The Guardian’s comment is free section argues that the gluten-free diet is little more than a fad.

Bakery Info reports the new gluten-free flour range  recently launched at Shipton Mill, using various ingredients including rice, tapioca and chickpeas.

World Bakers visits Beyond Bread, a new gluten-free café that opened in London last month.

Finally, the Londonist has a vital list of pubs that sell gluten-free beer in the capital.