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Gluten – a “protein composite found in wheat and related grains, including barley and rye.”


Considering my diet largely consisted of pizza, pasta and beer in my late teenage years (due to my working at a local Italian restaurant, and being a teenager), I consumed large volumes of this particular protein composite.  Around the same time I regularly frequented the hospital with an undiagnosed abdominal complaint.  By my mid twenties I had been to hospital at least 30 times and had even grounded a transatlantic flight in Canada during a particularly painful episode.


After trying out anything I could to stop this incessant cycle of sickness and hospital visits I eventually decided to go for a week without beer or bread.  I suddenly felt full of energy and didn’t have any of the bowel symptoms I’d become so accustomed to over the years.  My friends and family were great and went out of their way to find out new places I could eat and buy gluten-free alternatives for me.


Undoubtedly the amount of information out there for people like me with gluten intolerance, or those with the potentially harmful Coeliac disease is increasing day-by-day.  The excellent Coeliac UK, led by Chief Executive Sarah Sleet, are doing a successful job in raising awareness of the disease and have played an active part in impending legislation changes.  The gluten-free awards, established by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson have also done a brilliant job in furthering the cause.  Establishments like Wahaca and Hummus Bros have always ensured they know exactly what goes into their food and keep the allergens to a minimum.  The aim for this blog is assist in documenting this changing landscape through news, interviews and features focusing on those behind the changes.


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