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June 17

London’s Top Gluten-Free Pizzas: The Lauriston, Victoria Park Village

Our quest to discover London’s best gluten-free pizzas continued over the weekend with a visit to the Lauriston, having last year eaten at its sister pub the Regent. The two establishments are part of a trio – completed by the Hanbury Arms – of trendy pubs that offer stone baked gluten free pizzas, cooked in […]

February 22

Coeliac London Pizzas: GB Pizza’s Gluten-Free Pizzas

    Last year, Zoe Williams claimed in the Telegraph that the pizzas she’d had at Great British Pizza Co were “the best pizzas (she’d) ever tasted”. When we heard the Margate-based GB Pizza had set up shop in independent food haven Exmouth market, we had to get down there and try one for ourselves. […]

February 16

Pancake Day: Intolerant London’s Gluten-Free Blueberry Pancakes

Shrove Tuesday is traditionally yet another celebration for those suffering from coeliac disease or a gluten intolerance. It doesn’t have to be anymore, with the range of ingredients available increasing by the day. This Pancake Day impress your gluten-intolerant friends, family and dogs with these terrific American-style gluten-free blueberry pancakes! Easy and quick to make […]

January 20

Gluten-Free Pizzas London, Rossopomodoro

Since opening in 1999, Rossomopodoro have ‘become Italy’s favourite pizza’ according to their website. In our experience, such claims don’t automatically apply to gluten-free offerings, and having heard at Taste of London last month that their gluten-free pizzas are every bit as nice as their regular pizzas we decided to visit them in their natural habitat so stopped by […]

January 06

A Gluten-Free Taste of London

Intolerant London paid Taste of London a visit on Sunday June 22nd, the final day of the festival. Fortunately for everyone involved the sun was out and having fasted all morning we went down eager to discover what gluten-free delights were on offer in Regents Park. Tickets were just under £25 each – not exactly […]

November 11

Gluten-Free Macarons – Ganache Macaron’s Autumn Range

We first came across the excellent Hackney-based Ganache Macaron at the summer Taste of London Festival a few months back. The brainchild of Audrey Cadostin, a Parisian who began bringing a taste of her hometown to London in 2011, they a focus on style and innovation and their offerings are entirely gluten-free without detracting from […]

Gluten-Free Pizza – Home Made!

              Having never experimented with making my own pizzas before, I didn’t expect much from my first foray. I was genuinely surprised, then, when in less than thirty minutes I had produced a doughy, unbiscuit like pizza with no strange aftertaste! The xantham gum holds the dough together well, […]